Congressional Fall Classic

Our annual Congressional Fall Classic brings the community together to raise money for at-risk youth in the Washington D.C. area. The event includes children's skills training and the Congressional Basketball Game including Members of Congress and their staff against government affairs professionals. 

Skills Camps
Skills Camp
Skills Camp
Skills Camp
Skills Camp
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Congressional Fall Classic honors

Archive of Hall of Fame Participants in our Congressional Fall Classic


         HALL OF FAME

2000     Hon. Jack Quinn; Hon. Tom Barrett

2001       Hon. John Thune; Hon. Ron Kind

2002      Alvin Jackson; Jim Martin; John Buscher;                   Paul Miller; Hon. Kenny Hulshof

2003      Dave Wenhold; Hon. Mike Oxley; Pete                    Jeffries; Robert Drummer

2004     Brian Pallasch; Deanna Gelak;                                      Hon.  John Shimkus; Sean O'Neill

2005     Hon. Todd Tiahrt

2006      Casey Dinges

2007       Erik Olson; Hon. Jeff Flake; Monte                            Ward; Hon. Rick Larsen; Todd Mitchell

2009       Brian Wagner; Booth Jameson

2010       Jess Peterson; Brad Knox; Danny Leonard   

2012          Dan Cohen; Karin Moore

Lifetime achievement award

Lifetime Achievement Award recipients encompass all the traits we hope kids receive from our programs: Courage, Dedication, Commitment, Passion, Determination, and Leadership.


Hon. Todd and Vicki Tiahrt


Coach Karl Hobbs, Coach John Thompson III, and Jim Martin

Canva - Basketball lay on the floor in a

2017:   Member of Congress Game: John Byrd

            Staff Game: Ben Brubaker

2018: Member of Congress Game: Danny Leonard

            Staff Game: Julius Niyonsaba

2019:  Member of Congress Game: Reggie Love

            Staff Game: Adrian Swann/Justin German


Steve Scalise Heart of a Warrior Award


2017:   Officer David Bailey, Officer Crystal Griner

2018: Jim Martin, Hon. Brad Wenstrup, Kenny Hulshof

2019:   Booth Jameson, Hon. Jeff Denham, Regine Elie

2020:   Brad Knox, Danny Leonard, Tim Moore, Kate Leonard, Leland Penno, Gene Russell, Stanley Tunstall, Chaplain Myron Contee